PHASE 3 Trail Construction

Phase 3 is definitely the biggest challenge of creating this trail! We have been working with two
groups of UW-Platteville Engineering teams for an entire year. These bright minds are crushing the
ground work on moving the Lone Rock, WI historic bridges to cross the Wisconsin River between
Woodman and Wauzeka. The logistics are many, but the efforts are great. These two bridges would
create a one-of-a-kind hiking/biking/snowmobiling/ATV/UTV crossing in a location that has, to this
point, only been viewed by boat or a canoe. Think about the tourism that would occur, the connection
of these two small villages, the boom it would create in our area! The bridges are of a perfect size to
make this happen. The state and local governments are aware of our plans and watching this unfold in a
wonderful way.
Bridge Mover WRT