PHASE 2a Trail Construction

Phase 2a will be an extensive pathway winding from the City of Boscobel city limits to the area locally known as Cozy Acres. This portion of the trail is foundation of why this trail dream even began. The connection of Boscobel and the neighboring Village of Woodman has been the reason behind the dream since day one. Year of planning, preparing, grant writing, and collaboration amongst community members and governement has led to the point we are at today.

With the recent TAPs grant being awarded and the continued support of the City of Boscobel, the community supporters, and ongoing love of everyone involved... ground is set to break spring of 2021.

Watch FaceBook for updates, photos, and events where YOU can get involved too! See you on the trail.


TAP 2020-2024 Notification of Award letter (Sept 2, 2020) :

Congratulations! The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) has approved your 2020-2024 Transportation Alternative Program (TAP) project: City of Boscobel- WI River Trail Borden Road

Your project has been awarded up to $1,334,174.40 of federal funds. It is among 28 projects and $14.5 million of approved TAP funding this cycle. These projects will increase multi-modal transportation options for Wisconsin residents.

Section 85.021 of the Wisconsin Statutes requires TAP projects to commence within four years of the project award date. Please note that the date of this letter constitutes the project award date and as such begins the four-year commencement deadline. A representative from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation region office will follow up with you regarding project execution. It is important that you not incur any project costs until receipt of notification from WisDOT that your project is authorized to receive federal funding.

In the interim, if you have any questions, please contact the WisDOT Statewide TAP Program Manager, Travis Houle, at 608-266-9656 or

Thank you for participating in the WisDOT TAP program. We look forward to collaborating with your community to make this project successful.



Travis Houle

Statewide Local Program Manager; TAP, CMAQ

Wisconsin Department of Transportation

(608) 266-9656


Hwy 133 between Boscobel and Woodman (aerial view)