Trail Construction

The construction of the trail began June 1, 2016 after the Ribbon and Ground Breaking ceremony on March 21, 2016. Several speaker's spoke of how their dream of a bike trail that connects their little communities of Boscobel, Woodman, and Wauzeka together to the river that makes us who we are. A timeline of Phase 1 Trail Construction that details the progress of the trail is available here. Phase 1 was completed on November 4, 2016 thanks to the combined efforts of the City of Boscobel Street Department workers, City of Boscobel, WRTO Board, and State supporters.

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  • All smiles as we make this dream a reality!
  • First shovel fulls of dirt are cut.
  • Ground Breaking
  • A large group of supporters attended the ribbon cutting ceremony
  • Attendees enjoyed the beautiful March day.

Mayor Steven Wetter, Boscobel addresses ceremony goers with thankfulness and optimism to what the trail will bring to the city and area.

Secretary Mark Gottlieb, Wisconsin Department of Transportation addresses the WRTO and ceremony attendees with appreciation for the area and combination of offices to make such plans come together.

Deputy Secretary Sara Klavas, Wisconsin Department of Tourism addresses the group at DOT Ribbon Cutting ceremony on March 21st.

State Representative Travis Tranel speaks to the love for the area being from SW WI, he looks forward to seeing this dream become a reality.

Secretary Cathy Stepp, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources speaks to the power a group of devoted people can accomplish.

Denise Fisher speaking from the Heart and how Boscobel is "HOME"