Annual Banquet

 Annual Banquet

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Dear Friends,

The Wisconsin River Trail Organization (EIN #46-5278938) holds an annual banquet to raise funds for the ever expanding project. The monies raised during this one night event will be used to create a 26-mile biking/hiking loop in the small towns of Boscobel (pop 3231), Wauzeka (pop 711), and Woodman (pop 131) area.

In past years the event has raise in upwards of $30,000!  After attempting to write our first major grant, we found out we were awarded $250,000 from the DNR Knowles Nelson grant.  With the city of Boscobel assisting us in labor and equipment, phase 1 of our trail is complete and connects our community with our boat landing, ½ mile away, allowing a safe crosswalk and passageway to the Wisconsin River boat landing just outside our city limits so our citizens and visitors can enjoy our driftless area’s beautiful surroundings.  Together, we DID it!

It is our goal with this trail to reinvent our communities.  Due to our rural area, industry businesses have had less interest in staying and/or building in southwestern Wisconsin.  We want to boost our local economy, as well as share our beautiful views and peaceful country sides with those that enjoy the outdoors too.  We have a huge canoeing business in Boscobel and would like to offer more fun things to do for the visitors in order to boost tourism and increase our economic growth too.

Phase 2A will take us to Woodman, WI, passing by a trailer park about 3 miles out of town.  We hope to offer a safer way to and from Boscobel for those that do not have transportation and have to rely on others, as there is a poverty-stricken trailer park just 3 ½ miles out of town, where the trail for now will end.  It will also provide a safe way to and from school for our rural children along the way.

Phase 3 crosses the Wisconsin River in one of its low points giving views of the Wisconsin River that have only been viewed via boat or canoe, connecting Woodman to Wauzeka.  There will be a need for bridges, but we have connected with UW-Platteville engineering students who have signed on to assist us, free of charge, in designing our pathway and bridging systems.

Phase 4 will take us back from Wauzeka to Boscobel roughly following a very scenic river highway.

We have discovered that portions of the Hwy 60 near Wauzeka are being re-paved in the coming years.  We are able to attain safety grant awards and plan to combine with local construction/county leaders to pave a safe 6 foot should on each side of the road.  Also, we plan on having partial pavement completed on the Borden Road section towards Woodman this fall as well, with the help of local, supportive construction companies.

Our goal as an organization is to create another avenue for recreation and envision a healthier lifestyle for our community.  We need to capitalize on the area’s natural resources that we have taken for granted, share the beautiful bluffs and valley of our driftless region, and reinvent ourselves as a recreation destination to increase tourism and strengthen our local economy.

The community has gathered around to support our trail endeavors.  We know that it will take about 10-15 years to create the full 20+-mile loop, but look forward to meeting new friends along our path that have come to enjoy our little piece of heaven along the way.

Thank you so much!

Denise Fisher

WRTO Co-Director


125 Vista Place

Boscobel, WI  53805

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