We have those awesome pictures the 2nd, 3rd and 6th grade kiddos drew for us up on display at the TRICOR office in Boscobel.
Stop by and check them out! We will have them on display until after the Taste of Boscobel on Sept 7th.

Happy 5th Birthday WRTO!
The support from our communities have been amazing!!! We reached out to the Boscobel Art teachers Ms Jensen and Mr Johnston to see if their art students would like to do an art contest.
The winners are receiving:
*Their photo on our FB page and the Boscobel Dial
* WRTO t-shirt
*Their art drawings will be displayed at our events
*We will raffle or auction the drawings during our events this year

2nd graders: Allison O'Brien, Max Dickman, Wriglee Schmitz, and Jazlyn Glasbrenner
3rd graders: Graydon Richter, Addyson Krause, Tessa Martin, and Houston Wayne
6th graders:Lily Pegrams, Jyzelle Shriver, Jory Vial, and Carlene Chappell
HS Students: Ava Trumm, MaKenna Waltz- Dempsey, Britney Glasbrenner, and Cura Morris

Great job to all of the artist that submitted an entry:)

Great job to all the kids and we hope you are enjoying those t-shirts you earned:)

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