Aug 17, 2015

So much fun was had by all that attended the Brewer game/Goo Goo Dolls concert this last weekend.  A couple of our local people had never been to a Brewers game and it was great to be on their maiden voyage with them.  Thanks again to all who came along with us, and thanks to our very own Steve Dilley, our hometown personal chauffeur!

Joel Leonard is going to be cooking brats for breakfast at the farmer’s market on Labor Day weekend!  We’ll have chips, desserts, and drinks too.  Stop in and visit with us.

A Taste of Boscobel is shaping up into another fun event.  September 26th, from noon-5 pm, we are having wine/beer/vendors inside and outside of Double K’s.  The best part of it?  FAST ACTION has agreed to come play for us from 3-5 pm! Tickets will go on sale September 1st, so keep the date open!  The vendor booths are free for any local business or person wanting to display their wares.  Please contact Wendi Stitzer at 485-1202 or Jo Sommers at 375-4739 for information, or to purchase tickets.

I’m hoping by press time next week we’ll know if we have received the DNR Knowles Nelson $200,000 grant (or a portion of it).  Keep your fingers crossed everyone!

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