Lifetime Memorial

The Wisconsin River Trail Organization (WRTO) was formed to create a 26-mile bike loop in the Boscobel, Woodman, and Wauzeka area, nestling in the hills, valleys, and contours of the Wisconsin River, eventually crossing the river in the area where there are no roads. Most non-profit organizations are funded with more than 70% of private donations.

The WRTO is funded currently by less than 1% of individual giving. We would like to change this in order to make the trail a community effort, and allow a small amount of giving every month, or larger, one-time donation. These funds are used for engineering costs for the future phases of the WRTO.

Purchase your personalized BRICK and it will be added to the growing monument.


4x8 Bricks : 3 lines of 18 character personalization. Graphics available on the Left or Right side with a 3 line 10 characteristic/line limit.

8X8 Bricks: 6 lines of 18 personalization. Graphics available on the top or bottom with 3 lines. 18 characteristic/line limit.

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Dedication held October 5, 2019: