Thanks so much for visiting our volunteering page. As you know, our entire organization is made up of volunteers. We really need your support in order to keep this project thriving. There are many needs for all types of volunteers, like people willing to address and mail out brochures and donation requests, people willing to go door-to-door if needed, others willing to make phone calls, as well as those that can help with fundraising events such as brat stands or delivery of pizzas.

There’s room for everyone willing to reach out and help. If you are willing to donate your time at some point, please send a quick email to denisefisher5995@gmail.com or send a note out on this website via the Contact Form. We won’t ask you to do anything you don’t want to and we are happy to wait until the right volunteering position is open at the right time for you. So no worries and thanks for your extra commitment to our Wisconsin River Trail project!


A huge thank you goes out to all that have helped or offered to help in any way they could. Let's keep our list growing. We've got a great group of friends in our town!

  • Jake Bacon
  • Robin Baumeister
  • Becky Becker
  • Tom and Barb Bell
  • Jordan & Natosha Borowski
  • Tony and Kara Breems
  • Darlene Coffey
  • Karen Cooley
  • Mrs. Paula Davis
  • Kim Drake
  • Roddy Dull
  • Wayne and Sue Elliott
  • Steve Elliott
  • Lisa Friar
  • Tyler Herman
  • Tim & Lisa Jacobson
  • Gary & Diane Johnson
  • Marsha Jones
  • Crystal Krachey
  • Jeff and Mary Lee
  • Gary & Diane Johnson
  • Brenda Kreul
  • Karl and Marianne Krogen
  • Doyle Lewis
  • Joel And Karen Leonard
  • Carrie Lessard
  • Mac McMullen
  • Bomber and Laura Merwin
  • Angie O'Brien
  • Dr. Tom Pelz and Madge Stewart
  • Frank and Donna Phalin
  • Pat and Stacey Phalin
  • Barb Puckett
  • Kelly Randall
  • Deb Robertson
  • Angela Sailer
  • Meredith Sime
  • Jo and Craig Sommers
  • Wendi Stitzer
  • Levi and Tonia Vial
  • Karen Wacker
  • Fred Waltz
  • Sally Waltz